Modern beehives and structures to boost productivity and bee health

Bee Hives

Fit them with intelligent sensors to provide real-time data on beehive activities

Modern Beehives

Bee Farmers

Track the health of their colonies remotely

About us

Kulaorganic was founded in 2018 to help bee farmers promote the health of their bee populations through intelligent sensor technologies, IoT, and Big data analytics. Currently, we are developing a prototype that will help existing bee farmers in the Western region of Kenya to manage their beehives remotely. The bee farmers can utilize a mobile application or the USSD system to track the health of their beehives remotely. This helps them to minimize the spread of pests, which is rampant during the physical monitoring of beehives.

what we do


To protect and restore biodiversity through healthy bee production


To enroll 10,000 bee farmers onto our smart beehive management system in by 2022