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About Kula Organic

Kulaorganic was founded in 2018 to help bee farmers promote the health of their bee populations through intelligent sensor technologies, IoT, and Big data analytics. Currently, we harvest, extract, and package raw honey sourced from the green highlands of Western Kenya and are working with bee farmers in the Western region of Kenya to pilot a software service that can help them to better manage their beekeeping ventures. The bee farmers can utilize a web browser on a smartphone or PC to record, retrieve, and track the health of their beehives remotely and gain access to extension services. This helps them to minimize their operational costs and improve their yields.

What we do

We help bee farmers, more so, those that use the Langstroth and Kenya Top Bar beehives to track the health of their beehives as well as their honey production through our software offering. With our service, we promote beehive health since we enhance a bee farmer's access to extension services and help to lower their operational costs.

Mission & Vision


To promote agroecological practices towards boosting biodiversity, conserving the environment, and improving the well-being of bee farmers


Leveraging ICT solutions to improve the livelhoods of bee farmers and boost the number of healthy bee populations



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